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  • For normal orders (i.e. everything that isn't marked as Special Order), paid for by Paypal: sent First Class.

If for any reason I cannot post out orders as usual (such as holidays or illness), there will be a note on the main page and I will email you with when your order will be posted, to make sure you are aware of any delays.

  • For Special Orders: Usually the yarn will be with you within approximately 4 weeks of the Special Order Day (the date by which your order had to be placed). At busy periods (such as the holiday season) it may take longer - but I will keep you informed. For more information please see the Special Orders section. See this page for order dates and more information.

Magpielly cares about the environment, so I take care to use the minimum of materials - your invoices will be emailed, and all the packaging is 100% recyclable or degradable. The brightly coloured mailing bags your order comes in are degradamailers containing Biothene, which breaks down to its harmless constituents within 18 months. We currently use the Royal Mail to deliver our parcels First Class.



Payment is via Paypal (you can still pay by the Paypal system with a credit/debit card if you don't have a Paypal account).


Special Orders

If you would like to order some Brown Sheep yarn that we do not have in stock, you are welcome to place a Special Order. To do this, simply buy the yarn through the web-shop as usual. Currently I've put up Lamb's Pride (Worsted and Bulky), Cotten Fleece, Wildfoote Sock yarn and all of the Nature Spun weights. If you would like to buy a yarn that isn't on the site yet, simply contact me with what you'd like, and I'll get back to you with the price. Please see this page for more details and when the next order deadline is.

Occasionally Brown Sheep don't have a certain shade in stock, if this happens, I'll find out when it is expected to be back in stock and give you the option of waiting for restock, choosing an alternative shade, or cancelling that part, or all of your order. 


Contact Me

Please contact me with any queries. I aim to answer within 24 hrs (usual turn around is a couple of hours, it depends on how near a computer I am - usually not far!).


About the Yarn

Brown Sheep is an American company that is focused on supporting its native wool industry - they spin their own yarn from American fleece, and are also a very environmentally conscious company - they recently developed cutting edge water recycling system in-house. Even though they dye over 1000 different shades, 70-90% of the water is reused everyday. For more information visit their site.